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Client Testimonials
I call her a miracle worker.  She can tell by looking at the way you stand and walk where the problem is originating. No other massage therapist has alleviated my pains like Mimi.
Bonnie B         
I have arthritis and without Connective Therapy I would be a frozen woman.  Mimi has educated me with self help tools over the years as well. She keeps me moving.    
Kathy P
Connective Therapy is so much better then a pampering massage. 
It focuses on the issues and makes corrective and preventative action.
It has long term benefits.   
Marilee R
 I have been living with Celiac Disease for 10 years. Diet changes were essential, but having  Mimi an expert in Connective Therapy, was essential.  She addresses the aches, pains, stiffness and maintains my ease of movement.    
Mary K.
I spend hours on the computer for my job and it impacts my neck and shoulders. Massage helps, but Mimi's monthly targeted fascial release technique really eliminates the pain. Connective Therapy Rocks! 
Bill P.
I was referred to Mimi to help ease a back injury that was getting no relief from other therapies. Not only did she correct that issue, her whole body approach has improved all areas of my health and my life. I see her weekly to keep my body maintainence levels at their highest.  She is the best! 
Jayne D.

Mimi is very talanted and intuitive when it comes to working with the body. She has helped me many times over the years with different physical issues including frozen shoulder.  Sue B.
I went to Mimi with severe plantarfascitis.  I was pain free after three sessions.
Amy N.